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Vansittart Road Recreation Ground Skate Park

July 2003

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Vandalised trees

The morning of July 5th 2003 and once again wrecked trees line the pathway into the children's play area

The vandalism just goes
on and on and on...

These pictures speak volumes for the decrepit state of Vansittart Road Recreation Ground.

Water fountain

The wrecked water fountain installed in the spring.

Damaged fencing

The Alcatraz fencing installed in December 2002 at a cost of around £30,000 now usefully reduced in height to permit late night access.

Damaged fencing

The costly, useless, ugly fencing

The angled bars at the top of the fencing are easily grabbed and bent downwards. They are then simply broken off completely. There is something wrong somewhere. Either the fencing suppliers knew that the specification for the fencing bars was not vandal resistant, or the council specified too cheap a material to save money... Either way the fencing is a total waste of money. It does not keep skaters out at night and it looks appalling.
  In addition, on or around 4th July work was undertaken to strengthen these angled bars by securing a strengthening bar throughout each section of fence.

Reinforced fencing 1

A support now strenthens the angled bars on the Vansitrtart Road Skate Park fencing...

Reinforced fencing 2

...although where it has already been broken or bent, no remedial action has yet been taken. (As of July 9th 2003)

Reinforced fencing 2

Although the newly installed bar is welded at the far end, at this end, the bar is merely wired to the vertical support.

Six months after the borough launches its blitz on graffiti!!!


July 2003 and the dull and depressing underpass, regularly defaced.

In early January RBWM trumpeted their latest initiative against graffiti in the Borough. Many residents were skeptical at the time but were prepared to give the borough another chance, especially as this time they seemed to be putting some money behind the scheme and were prepared to publicise their attempt at cleaning up the borough. Surely no council would launch a scheme such as this and then be clearly seen to have failed??? Surely...?

Police powerless

For one reason or another, the police are unable to apprehend the vandals that cause the damage in the borough, even when telephoned about an incident as it happens and with the vandals still close-by. It is no surprise that residents' frustration continues to mount. One young lad has reported that he and his friends will not go to Vansittart Road Recreation Ground anymore "... they've got knives ..."

Index and Contact Phone Numbers


01628 796150

Report graffiti here - the Borough have claimed in the local press that it should be removed within 5 days or sooner. Racist or obscene graffiti should be removed immediately. Please ring again if it is not!!

Telephone Numbers

01753 506000

Office Hours
01628 796468
(Not Saturdays or Sundays)

RBWM Control Room
(Evenings and weekends)
01753 853517

Failed plans to build on Vansittart Rec
1947, 1952, 1989  Reports

Vansittart Road as a running track
Photos from

August 2000
New plans for 'Van Rec' announced

25th May 2001
The Original Report

5th June 2001
The first vandalism to trees and litter bin. Fully illustrated. Read 5th June update

6th June update
Read Letter to Councillors

10th June update
Residents Newsletter distributed
MP and councillors contacted. Read 10th June update

15th June 2001
Includes reports and reaction we have received following an initial leaflet distribution to local residents. Fully illustrated. Read 15th June update

20th June 2001
The Official Opening announced

It is to be 5.30pm 13th July 2001 with 'Fun and Games from 4.30

22nd June 2001
Windsor Observer Front Page News! More photos.
Read 22nd June update

29th June 2001
A comprehensive update of the various aspects that have arisen. Fully illustrated.
Read 29th June update

5th July 2001
July starts with more vandalism to trees and fencing. Read 5th July update

Letter from a 17 year old

6th July 2001
Includes news of the council's official invitation to local residents and our comments arising. Read 6th July update

7th July 2001
Read email from Inline Skating enthusiast

10th July 2001
Editor's response to Inline Skating enthusiast email

12th July 2001
The Windsor Express takes up the story. Read report
plus Newsletter distributed locally. Read contents

13th July 2001
Read report with pictures

30th July 2001
Hot weather aggravates the continuing problems fro those living nearby
Read report

August 2001
Holidays, a Skate Park death on the south coast, trouble at Maidenhead Skate Park and letters of complaint from nearby elderly residents. Read report

November 2001
A million pounds available for the Leisure Centre?? Local residents demand that the Skate Park be moved there as part of the upgrade plans! Also includes other news from Vansittart. Read report

December 2001
Royal Borough wrecks Vansittart Road Underpass with puce paint. Read article

Summer 2002
Difficulties continue for local residents, but some encouragement from elsewhere in the country. Read article

Winter 2002/Spring 2003
Alcatraz style fencing erected at a cost of around £30,000 in December and Oxford tip sand over theirs! Read article

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Telephone Numbers

01753 506000

If you see someone damaging the play area or skate park, spraying graffiti, or if you need to report a disturbance or problem of any kind please ring the local police 01753 506000. Even if the police cannot attend, make sure the incident is logged. If it is not logged, then the Borough will not see the incident in the 'reported figures' and will assume that all is fine and dandy!

Office Hours
01628 796468
(Not Saturdays or Sundays)

RBWM Control Room
(Evenings and weekends)
01753 853517

Use these numbers to report anything that requires repair or maintenance or may be dangerous.


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