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Skate Park at
Vansittart Road Recreation Ground

Update 30th July 2001

Major problems persist with the Skate Park installation at Vansittart Road Rec. Although we are told that during the day a staff member from Windsor Leisure Centre has been sent to look after the area for the school holidays, no action has been taken to prevent the noise and endless disturbance to local residents in the evenings or at night, especially during the recent very hot weather when it is impossible to keep windows closed.
As an example, on the night of Saturday/Sunday, 28th/29th July, teenagers were using the skate ramps until past midnight. An elderly couple, residents of Kipling Court, directly across the road from the skate park reported that their weekend had been "made a misery" by the incessant noise caused by skaters jumping and crashing down onto on the iron ramps. During the day it was impossible to sit in their garden area as the noise was so intrusive, but they elected not to report their problems until 11.30 on Saturday evening when it had continued for so long that they were now unable to sleep and they, and their patience, were exhausted.
As a result, a local resident walked to the park on their behalf to ask the skaters to leave, which we are pleased to say they did, quietly and politely, when the distress of the elderly people nearby was explained. Regrettably, a second group arrived at the park a little while later and it was not until 1.36am that the couple, by now so desperate to sleep, felt that they had to call for something to be done for a second time that night. Fortunately, shortly thereafter, all but one of the troublemakers had left and all was now quiet. The remaining individual was asleep on the top of one of the ramps. Both these incidents were reported to the police with a request that they be logged.
These two incidents are particularly worrying as the elderly couple involved are not in the best of health and could well do without the imposition by their local authority of this additional and unacceptable source of disturbance.
The matter also highlights precisely our concerns that the skate park has already become, and will continue to be, the cause of endless instances such as these until the skate area is moved to a sensible location.
This is not an isolated example. We are receiving regular reports and complaints about the noise generally and about the noise and safety implications of skate boarders travelling to and from the park at speed, both on the pavement and on the road. Some properties, particularly the terraced homes in the area, are suffering this noise pollution just inches from their windows from early morning to late into the evening on a very regular basis. Skate Board user organisations recommend that skaters do not ride their boards in public places due to the obvious risks.
Residents look forward to hearing a date for a meeting with local borough officers as proposed during the official opening on July 13th plus the planned steps to "encourage [the skate boarders] to respect both the new facilities and the needs of those who live nearby" as reported recently in the Borough's publication 'Around the Royal Borough'.
At the time of writing there has been no response to any of our letters or reports to Maidenhead Town Hall although local councillors in Windsor have responded positively to residents' concerns.


The noise emanating from the Skate Park lasts in excess of 13 hours each day. It is worth noting that this is not a regular noise but an irregular crashing, which is almost impossible to endure over an extended period. During daylight hours, the residents of Kipling Court and the surrounding residential areas will have to endure this situation continually throughout the summer months, and beyond. In the evening, as temperatures drop, a wider area is adversely affected as sounds carry further. This to our mind constitutes a totally unreasonable imposition on residents' lives.
All local residents are as one in insisting that the Skate Park facility must be moved to a suitable location, away from residential areas, full details of which are available


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