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Vansittart Road Recreation Ground

Improvement Scheme - August 2000

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The Scheme Completed - May 2001

Vansittart Recreation Ground and Pavilion

The eastern side of Vansittart Recreation Ground, looking south.
The Pavilion is to be demolished, and the fenced off running track removed.

Vansittart Recreation Ground to the north

The view north.

A small parcel of land in front of the flats - a covenanted area -
is all that would have remained if 1989 development plans had been
allowed to go through.

Ten years after local residents successfully prevented Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council from building in the region of 150 flats on this Public Open Space, new plans have been announced for the area.
  Until recently, Windsor and Eton Athletics Club had used the running track and pavilion. With their move to the Thames Valley Sports Ground in Eton, the 'Tartan Track' is no longer required and is to be removed. Although local schools may have appreciated using it, the charges that would have been made by Windsor and Maidenhead Royal Borough for its use were just too high.
The project is being photographed as progress is made and will be featured in coming months on The Royal Windsor Web Site. Completion May 2001
 In August 2000 the following text was published by Windsor and Maidenhead Corporation.

Vansittart Road Recreation Ground

Improvements Scheme

The Borough is about to start on the implementation of the above project.
 The final plan has been prepared following public consultation on two options, which took place in 1999. It is based on option A, but has been changed in places in the light of comments and concerns raised.
 The existing pavilion and running track are to be removed and the area turned back into a neighbourhood park. The central area will be left as an open green area, available for summer fetes, informal sports and events. Around this will be a hard surfaced perimeter path, with seats and bins along the way. There will be an equipped children's play area for children up to 12 years old and an adjacent picnic area. These areas will form the inner part of the park, fenced in and designated dog free. There will be a lot of tree and shrub planting to enhance the inner area using mainly native types.
 Around this inner area there will be a dog walking circuit, similar to the route used at present around the athletics track. This will have dog bins and owners will be required to clean up after their dogs. There will also be new planting around this circuit. There will be access into the central area through self closing gates, but dogs will not be allowed in.
 There will be a small car park, mainly for disabled visitors to the park, with a few standard spaces. This will be on the area that the pavilion occupies at the moment, access being along the top end of Vansittart Road, which will be repaired. All day parking in the car park will be prevented by means of a barrier, restricting the opening hours. If possible the present all day parking in this section of the road will be stopped as well.

Cars parked all day at Vansittart Recreation Ground

Car parking during the working week in the approach road.

In the top corner of the site, where the car park is at present, there will be a skate park facility. This will have 'challenging equipment' for young people, a shelter, and will be fenced to 3m high. The facility will be locked after a certain time in the evenings. The link footpath to the Alma Road Youth and Community Centre will be improved and lit, and their existing sports area is to be enhanced.
 The demolitions will start on site from mid September. The construction of the new facilities will start in October and are programmed to be complete and open to the public by February 2001. Planting works will continue in two phases in both March and October 2001.

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