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10th June 2001

Over this weekend several hundred leaflets have been hand delivered to local residents seeking their views. You may rest assured that comments are already being received, some within minutes of the leaflets hitting doormats. It is remarkable how strong feelings are.

All the original concerns stated in the leaflet about noise, drugs, supervision and so on have been supported, and additional information has come to light too, such as an incident concerning eight motorbikes, which could so easily have led to an accident, unofficial access to the area through the hedge where children run across the derestricted Goslar Way, plus a worrying report of needles allegedly being found.

We are currently preparing a presentation to The Royal Borough on the matter and keeping Michael Trend, M.P. informed.Further developments will be posted here as they happen.

It is important to note carefully any occurrences of vandalism, loutish behaviour, graffiti and other disturbances as they happen and to let the police know if the severity warrants such action. Please retain a copy and send a copy to us as well at the address below. You may also email The Editor, Thamesweb.


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