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Skate Park at
Vansittart Road Recreation Ground

Update 24th August 2001

During the holiday month the Skate Park has been well used. We have received reports that an ambulance has been called there on several occasions, but we have no news of injuries. If anyone has more details, we would appreciate hearing what happened.

We trust that the above incidents were not major, unlike at Hayling Island earlier in the year where a teenager was killed at an unsupervised Skate Park, similar to Windsor. In that instance a picnic table had been dragged from its securing bolts and used for bike jumping practice of some sort. The teenager was killed as his pedal stuck in the table and catapulted him forwards, head first onto the ground. This was an unsupervised Skate Park, just as Windsor is for the majority of the time.

We read of gang fights at the Maidenhead Skate Park, Kidwells Park, in The Maidenhead Advertiser this week. We trust that the Borough have matters under control such that Windsor residents do not have to endure similar problems...

A number of letters have been received from elderly residents at Kipling Court who are particularly close to the Skate Park and are required to endure non-stop noise all day, and on occasions into the night too.

On 29th August the local police are to hold a meeting at Kipling Court to discuss general local grievances and problems. Perhaps the Skate Park will be the subject of some discussion especially as the local papers this week are reporting that an elderly resident in Dedworth are the subject of abusive behaviour, yet the police were unable on that occasion to respond due to other commitments.


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