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5th June 2001

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In our original article 'Vansittart Wrecked?' in May 2001, we reported the concerns of local residents about the newly installed Skate Park at Vansittart Recreation Ground. The Skate Park has now been open for just a week and as predicted, newly planted trees have been uprooted, graffiti is widespread, glass bottles smashed and extensive vandalism is evident to the Millennium Mural in the nearby underpass. But this is the least of the matter. The most disturbing concerns are several incidents of aggressive behaviour towards youngsters such that local residents are becoming increasingly concerned that the location of the Skate Park is totally inappropriate and that the lack of supervision and security must be addressed.

Three trees uprooted. Two are seen lying on the ground, the third was dragged
some way into the middle of the grass area beyond. 05.06.01

This litter bin has been out of the ground for over a week.
The small bolts intended to secure the bin are totally inadequate

The design of this litter bin is an obvious challenge to vandals. By mounting the large bin on such a small base, the invitation to push it over is obvious.

As the four securing bolts are so close together, it is actually an easy matter for a couple of vandals to rip it from its mounting with very little effort.

A similar Skate Park has been provided in Maidenhead in Kidwells Park. The location in the centre of the town is far more suitable, being easily supervised with a lot of passing traffic and has the added advantage of a security camera. No such advantages exist at the Vansittart Recreation Ground. Indeed, at night very many residents are reluctant to use the underpass and pathway through the recreation ground, because it passes within a few feet of the skate boarding ramps. Gangs of youths gather on the top of these ramps, smoking, swearing at passers-by, and throwing beer bottles and cans down onto the pavement below. As this is also a cycle way, the broken glass is an added hazard to cyclists, dog owners and young children.

As the area is used as a meeting place for large numbers of young people, many of whom bring beer and other drinks, the lack of toilet facilities results in the inevitable.

Treated as a Raceway

The road into Vansittart Recreation Ground

It has been reported that the road into Vansittart Recreation Ground has been used as a drag strip. It is a concern to local residents that this will result in serious injury at some time in the future. The green pathway is the cycle track, part of the national cycle track project by Sustrans.


The Skate Park is already proving a major headache to local people. The noise from the ramps late into the night, the vandalism, graffiti, litter, and aggressive, rowdy behaviour have all combined to infuriate local residents.

The residents' frustration at seeing expensive equipment and facilities damaged or defaced and then left unrepaired for days, weeks and even months as in the case of graffiti is a source of daily anger.

If you are adversely affected by the Skate Park at Vansittart Recreation Ground, then please let us know by emailing The Editor, Thamesweb



Further Updates

See also Letter to Councillors

6th June 2001

Following the report to RBWM Leisure Services in Maidenhead (01628 796227) - the three trees pulled out of the ground have been replanted. Credit must be given to Leisure Services for acting so promptly but we would prefer that the situation had not arisen in the first place, The other reported problem, that of extensive graffiti in Goslar Way Underpass, remains unresolved.

ROSPA have available guidelines for the installation for equipment such as is installed at Vansittart Rec. We shall be looking at what they say and reporting back.

A letter is being circulated to Windsor's councillors expressing residents' concerns and seeking their views on the situation, together with a leaflet to nearby homes seeking their views.


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