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Update 2nd-7th July 2001

Vansittart Wrecked?

Developments throughout the week ending 7th July are included here

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Monday 2nd July 2001

Vandalism continues

Sadly two groups of young trees have now either been broken off or completely ripped from the ground and the adjacent fencing broken down. Admittedly this is a temporary paling fencing presumably to allow the grassed areas to take a hold, but the actions of the few reinforce the views of the many that too little is done to apprehend those responsible. It is little wonder that these episodes continue when zero effort is made to catch those responsible. The message to vandals currently is "The community does not care... get on with it... you won't get caught..."

Threes downed beside Goslar Way

Three trees snapped off, Goslar Way side of Vansittart Rec

Tree damage 02

One of a second group of saplings snapped off by the children's play area.
A sad sight for parents and young children coming to play here.

Another group of trees down...

The same area, showing the start of the paling fence smashed down
and the damage to three saplings

Fence and trees vandalised

Fence and trees vandalised over the weekend

Fencing at Goslar Way

A substantial length of fencing pulled down along Goslar Way.

The initial damage above was caused by teenagers wanting to take a - dangerous - short cut across Goslar Way from the Skate Park into Green Lane. The fence was broken down as a result. It has since been made very much worse. The possibility is, as this area is the subject of a planning application for redevelopment, that the fence will remain down for many months.

'Around the Royal Borough' Published - Skate Parks 'celebrated'!

Skate boarders around the Borough have been 'jumping for joy' according to issue 2 of 'Around the Royal Borough' a costly colour number lauding the achievements of the RBWM council. Councillor Philip Love, Leisure and Cultural Services, claims to have "worked long and hard to provide young skateboarders in the Borough with their own Skate Parks - somewhere easily accessible where they can go to practise their sport in a safe environment. We will encourage them to respect both the new facilities and the needs of those who live nearby."

We are writing to Cllr. Love enquiring how he proposes to encourage respect for the facilities and the needs of local residents.

Request by Skate Boarders

We have been asked by skate boarding enthusiasts to point out that they are not responsible for the damage to the trees or fences, the broken glass, the damage to the gates, or the increased graffiti, or the bangers let off in the area... or the noise late at night, or the shouting of obsenities, or the motorbike incident, or under-age consumption of alcohol... We are happy to include their request here.

We have also received an email from a 17 year old studying for his exams
Read letter from 17 year old

Update 5th July

The uprooted trees reported above remain lying on the ground around the children's play area, four days after the vandalism was first reported. We understand that it may not be possible to replant immediately, and a short delay is probably understandable before anything is done, but it must be said that it sends entirely the wrong message to other children. By leaving the trees just lying where they have been uprooted, very young children may well be upset by the sight of the dead trees, and certainly will not understand why they have been left lying around. In addition, it will send a very clear message to others that there is an element of indifference to the matter and may easily lead to further similar incidents, the younger generation being very susceptible to 'copy-cat' actions.

Local residents are annoyed by the lack of action on the part of the Borough, quite apart from the frustration that it ever happened in the first place. These days 'image' is all, and the image that the Borough promotes in this instance is either an inability to remedy matters, or a lack of interest in doing so. Either way, the result is added frustration and annoyance for those who do care about their town, and are keen to see it presented at its best.

A second call to the Tree Officer at Maidenhead Town Hall on Thursday afternoon confirmed their belief that the up-rooted trees should have been removed at the first opportunity so as not to encourage further similar acts, and it was stated that they would be removed within 24 hours. Watch this space...!

Government's anti-social behaviour initiative

We shall be watching with interest the new initiative announced by David Blunkett, Home Secretary, where vandalism and other anti-social behaviour is, it is claimed, to be dealt with rather more harshly than has been the case in recent years.

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