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Vansittart Road Recreation Ground Skate Park

One Year On

June 2002

Recent judgement encourages residents

Vansittart Rec Skate Park

Windsor residents remain concerned about the Skate Park at Vansittart Recreation Ground, completed in May 2001. Since that time there have been many examples of noisy disturbances endured by nearby residents, sometimes well into the night, and a significant increase in vandalism and other anti-social behaviour. Some believe that the local residents want the skate park closed but this is not the case. The residents' argument is for the relocation of the skate park. With £1m reportedly up for grabs for improvements at the Leisure Centre and expansion of amenities, this seems an ideal opportunity to place the skate park equipment there where all the related support services, telephone, toilets, refreshments, first aid, etc. are readily available. No such facilities are available at Vansittart Road Recreation Ground.
  Throughout last year local residents were reporting the many problems that were occurring at the Skate Park and these formed the basis of our various reports throughout the year and are listed below.

Young children harassed

Of particular concern are the many occasions of 'harassment' of younger children trying to use the swings and roundabouts in the playground just 50 metres away. Parents have regularly reported to us that teenagers commandeer the young children's equipment and are offensive when asked to move away to let the youngsters play.
  We have reported problems such as these since the park was first opened and the only response we have had from the Borough is to 'wait and see', and that the problems will go away when the novelty of the area wears off. Regrettably we can see no end to the problem when teenagers act aggressively, selfishly and rudely as a matter of course and on a daily basis. There can be no improvement until action is taken to remove the teenagers permanently by removing the attraction of the Skate Park to the Leisure Centre where all the required facilities and supervisory staff are readily available and where it rightly belongs.

Intolerable Noise Levels force removal of Skate Park

A recent legal judgement in Wiltshire required the relocation of a local skate park on the grounds of intolerable noise levels. Residents living in the vicinity of Vansittart Road Recreation Ground will understand why the court found against the council in this matter and trust that Windsor and Maidenhead Borough Council will act accordingly.

Skate Park User's Group

RBWM issued the following press release on 11th June

Local people using the popular Vansittart skatepark are being given the opportunity to be involved in the way the facility is managed on a daily basis.
  The Royal Borough has sent out a call to all users who would like to have a say in the future of the park to attend a meeting which will be held within the next month.
  Leaflets have been distributed to regular users in a bid to find people of all ages who would be interested in being part of a users' group to discuss the way the park is used, maintained and managed.  They could also help by letting the council know about issues as they arise and assist in finding solutions.
  Cllr Andrew Jenner, lead member for leisure and cultural services, said the views of skatepark users were a key part of the park's successful use and development in the future.
  He said:  "Once the users' group is up and running we would expect it to meet two or three times a year to keep up-to-date on what's happening at the park, identify emerging issues and plan ahead.  The group has the potential for being an excellent way of sharing views and exchanging ideas ­ all contributing to the good overall management of the park."
  Anyone interested in attending user group meeting is invited to contact Mike Jones, area manager, on 01628 796468.

We are rather bemused by this initiative and see little value in meetings 'two or three times a year'. We dispute that the Skate Park is 'popular' except with a proportion of a certain age group. The Borough seem unaware that there is a section of teenagers who positively dislike the Skate Park facility and are even reluctant to go to the Recreation Ground to play football, or ride bikes, etc. as the area has become so unsavoury. It goes without saying that nearby residents deem it decidely UNpopular.
  This is probably a public relations exercise which will have no discernible effect, similar to the Borough's claim earlier in the year to be 'cracking-down' on graffiti in the Borough yet which has resulted in the apprehension of not one single vandal!


01628 796150

Report graffiti here.

The Borough have claimed in the local press that it should be removed within 5 days or sooner. Racist or obscene graffiti should be removed immediately. Please ring again if it is not!!

Telephone Numbers

Police 01753 506000

If you see someone damaging the play area or skate park, spraying graffiti, or if you need to report a disturbance or problem of any kind please ring the local police 01753 506000. Even if the police cannot attend, please ask for the incident to be logged. If it is not logged, then the Borough will not see the incident in the 'reported figures' and will assume that all is fine and dandy!

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