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Update 22nd June 2001

Vansittart Wrecked?

The Observer's Front Page

On Friday 22nd June 2001 residents in the area surrounding Vansittart Road Recreation Ground were delighted to see that their cause had made the front page of the influential local paper, the Windsor Observer under the heading 'Woes on the Web'. The story highlighted the concerns that have been voiced by a large number of residents having witnessed many unpleasant and sometimes dangerous activities on the Skate Park plus suffering abuse and damage to property into the bargain. The full story with photographs is accessible from the Vansittart Rec Home Page. The Windsor Observer is on sale at all local newsagents from Friday 22nd June.

A 17 year old who cycles from Langley to use the facilities at Vansittart Rec claims that parents should supervise their children at the Skate Park. The impracticalities of this suggestion is of course obvious to everyone and actually ignores the problems that residents are concerned about. The vandalism, the abuse, the endless noise well into the night from the iron ramps as well as the intimidating atmosphere at times such that youngsters, mothers and grandparents prefer to leave, or not go in the first place, rather than enjoy the facilities a few feet away such as slides, swings and roundabouts that are intended for younger children.

We are currently researching a report that an earlier Skate Park in Maidenhead was actually closed following a particularly bad accident. This report will also feature the expert recommendations for such facilities from the relevant agencies.

We've got signs... for a day or two!

On Thursday 21st June the sign pictured below was tied onto the fence at the Skate Park. As you can see, it only took 24 hours for some bright spark to set light to it. We noticed two others on nearby fences.

Burnt sign at Van Rec

Paper signs tied with string onto fences at Vansittart Recreation Ground. Just as a reminder for when they are ripped from the fence, they read:


As from 21/6/2001 the Skate-Park and Car Park areas will be locked each evening from dusk.


About graffiti and the Borough's clean up strategy!

In the Observer, Eric Livingstone, Standards and Technical Services Manager, is reported as saying that he tries to "remove offensive graffiti within 24 to 48 hours" and that he would "send out an inspector to assess the graffiti." Almost every Windsor resident is well aware of the ongoing complaints about graffiti in the Borough. These offensive daubs have been obvious to all of us since June last year prompting the local press to launch a campaign to have something done about the problem. Even today racist graffiti has merely been partially covered by yellow paint. A five minute failed fix! On the new footbridge at Baths Island, the graffiti is particularly unpleasant and we have all seen the swastikas around the town.

The suggestion that the Borough removes graffiti within a day or so is a joke. Admittedly he did say he tried... sorry Mr Livingstone, that's "tried and failed." See earlier graffiti comment.

Perhaps Mr Livingstone would like to clean off the latest example in Goslar Way, below, which appeared on 21st June. [Editor: This graffiti was removed on or around 6th July -
very effectively with no trace remaining]

G raffiti at Goslar Way 21.06.01

Another example of graffiti in the town


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