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2nd July 2001

Vansittart Wrecked?

Not all teenagers are skate boarders!

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We have received an email from a 17 year old, who during June was studying for his exams. He has complained of the endless noise from nearby, shouting and banging, and even huge the sound systems and the consistent loud foul language, often late into the night.

He also describes the daily degradation of the subway - graffiti, condoms and smashed glass. He writes: "The subway has always been a pleasant through way to the shops and town centre for the family. It is now full of hazards as an extension to the skate site, a perfect haven for under-age drinking, smoking and I guess experimenting with drugs. So property vandalism isn't only restricted to the site. It extends to the entire neighbourhood. Fencing is gradually getting smashed down along the scouts area and we fear the gardens along the way will be targeted as well."

Our correspondent also expresses concern that closure at sunset of the park will make no difference. It is true that a so-called 'closed' area continues to be used up to and beyond midnight on regular occasions.

The children's play area has also caused concern.

"The choice of building a little children's play area right next to such a big kids' play area only serves to show the inexperience of the council. I can see teenagers messing around in the little ones' area practically every night. Vansittart is now a scary place to be and even walk through. Just who'd want to take a picnic there? It is a complete shambles. Finally, needless to say my parents taxmoney has gone towards this and at this stage they want redress ie. CLOSURE."

The sentiments expressed in this teenager's letter will be echoed by other residents. We are keen to hear from supporters of the project and the ideas they may have to reduce the reasons for complaint that residents currently have.

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