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Updated November 2006

Windsor Then and Now

A Pictorial Series of Windsor Views from the past and present
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See also Upper Thames Street

 Lower Thames Street

Thames Ave  Junction

A photograph of the junction of Thames Steet and Thames Avenue dating from 1902 to 1906 at the latest. This postcard view was published by T E Cochrane of 27 Queen's Road, Windsor, and numbered TC47. Old Bank House is prominent to the left with the Prince Christian Memorial beyond and The Lodge at the foot of the 'Hundred Steps'. To the right, the shop on the corner of the junction has been redeveloped, although the buildings on the far right of this picture remain (as of 2006).


The approach to Windsor Bridge in the very early 1900s, Datchet Road junction, later the site of the George V Memorial, and Windsor Castle. To the right is the hotel incorrectly known as The Christopher Wren House Hotel although links with Wren are unproven. The view is hand tinted and dates from around 1900. Top right a sign reads 'Electric Charging Station'. In days gone by there were a number of electric boats on the river, such as canoes. The buildings, centre left, were removed to make way for the Playhouse Cinema which has since itself been demolished to make way for more offices.

View from Windsor Bridge

A view from Windsor Bridge looking along Thames Street towards the Castle.

GWW from Windsor Bridge

A similar view from Windsor Bridge showing the buildings on the left more clearly
This image is an extract from 'Windsor Castle from the Bridge' by George Washington Wilson and may well date from the 1870s. (GWW Ref: 582).

Photographs of the castle from the bridge such as the above were taken regularly from Victorian times through to the present day. This albumen print differs by being large and superbly detailed, allowing this extract to be captured. In addition, the elevated position of the camera captures more of the street scene beyond the bridge.


Lower Thames Street in 1999 and the approach to Windsor Bridge. The bridge has been closed to traffic since 1970 allowing this creation of a tree-lined, pedestrian precinct.See also Upper Thames Street

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