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Windsor Then and Now

A Pictorial Series of Windsor Views from the past and present

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Upper Thames Street

Extract of Thames Street 1904

Circa 1904. A sunny summer's morning in Thames Street, extracted from the card below. Note the horsedrawn landaus awaiting fares, the mother with children pausing as the picture is taken and the someone up a ladder left middle.

Thames Street c 1904

This card, postmarked 1904, from which the extract above was taken. The Harte and Garter (White Hart) Hotel is to the left.

Thames Street at Boots

Thames Street as it curves around the bottom of the Curfew Tower.
A postcard dating from the early 1900s.

Upper Thames Street 1

A postcard view of Upper Thames Street from the early 1920s. Note the absence of horse drawn cabs by this time. The picture has been tinted by hand.

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Upper Thames Street 2

A colour art view postcard of Upper Thames Street from the 1950s

Boot's The Chemist

Thames Street at Boots

Detail from the above card showing Boots, Cash Chemist with horsedrawn delivery carts and bicycles.

In the view above, Boots the Chemist, 15-16, Thames Street, take up their whole building to proclaim 'Boots - The largest Retail Chemist in the World. Boots. Cash Chemist'. A bold advertising statement that is strictly prohibited by the town planning regulations of the 21st century!

Tull's Restaurant

Tull's Restaurant

Postcard of Tull's Restaurant in the early 1900s

Next door to Boots was Tull's Restaurant, at 18, Thames Street. This postcard view dates from the very early 1900s and is postmarked June 5th 1911. On the reverse the writer, John, reports that he had lunch here 25 years ago. That makes it around 1886! It is possible that this photograph and this card was printed some years before, perhaps around 1903, and sold by Tull's to their customers.

Tulls Reverse

Tulls Restaurant - reverse of postcard


Beside Tull's was Fullers, the confectioner. Many years later, in the 1950s, but probably dating back for many years before, the writer recalls seeing their magnificent giant chocolate Easter Eggs on display in the shop window, with what seemed like hundreds of little chocolate chicks and flowers all around. Sheer heaven for a little boy!

Thames Street to the East, April 1913

Thames St to E

This post card was published between May and July 1913. It has a hand written note on the reverse from a tourist who visited Windsor on Sunday July 20th 1913 and who purchased the card at the time.
  It is possible to identify the exact week and certainly the time of day that the photograph above was taken. The play at the Theatre Royal Windsor was 'His Indian Wife' and the clock at the end of the road reads 1.25. I am indebted to Sue Ashley of the Windsor Local History Group who writes: 'The play "His Indian Wife" by Emma Litchfield and Arthur Hinton was on at the Theatre Royal for one week from Monday 28th April 1913. Described as "an original romantic Red Indian play" the cast included Leonard Williams as Hubert Ainsworth and Irene Aitchison as Wild Rose.
Source: The Windsor and Eton Express, 26th April 1913.

From the extreme left of the view the businesses are:

 20 George Ernest Harvey, ladies and gents hairdressers, according to a directory of 1934
21 Hedges and Keep, dairymen
22 (With the awning extended) J Cave and Son, fishmongers, poulterers, dealers in game and ice merchants.
23 H J C Curtis. boot and shoe makers, apparently with a Royal Warrant above, and a Fire Call sign
24 Mrs J Manley, a gilder, according to a directory of 1934
25 Charles Deacon and son, wood carvers, on the corner with Bier Lane (to become River Street), according to a directory of 1934
 26-27 No record - address not issued?
28 Augustus Harris, butcher
 29 The Adam and Eve Public House
 30 Meux's Brewery (Arthur Lingfield above)
Around 1900 Joseph Flint, widower, wine and spirit merchant and grocer, is listed at this address.
 31 & 32 Theatre Royal and Theatre Royal Club (Playwin Ltd) (H Hardy Manager) (1934)
39 Radnor's, tailor (closed 1990s)
  Please note, some of the information above was taken from a directory dated 1934 although we believe the information is still accurate.


The old Curfew Tower

The Curfew Tower before the building of the 'pepper pot' roof we know today.
This photograph probably dates from the early 1850s.

Thames Street in the late 1840s

The buildings to the left were removed in the late 1840s and the Bell Tower
altered to the "Pepper Pot" design we know today.
(From Tighe and Davis 'Annals of Windsor')

The Curfew Tower and Thames Street

The Curfew Tower and Thames Street in the year 2000.

Lower Thames Street 1900s

Here is a view in the other direction looking towards the theatre. The view dates from around 1905.

Curfew Tower 1856

The Curfew Tower photographed in 1856
during construction of the 'pepper pot' roof

For more on the Curfew Tower see Curfew Tower Silhouette where additional early photographs are featured


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