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Windsor Then and Now

A Pictorial Series of Windsor Views from the past and present

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The Eton Boathouses from the Windsor Bank

Eton Boathouses

We are indebted to Danny Beaman of Canada who sent us this image. We are hoping to identify the photographer and date though it is believed to be from the 1870s. We might even find out who some of the staff are posing for the photographer!

Although commonly known as Eton College boathouses, not all the buildings were used by the college. The centre boathouse for example has a banner proclaiming 'The Brocas Boat House Limited, Boats to let'. The buildings were owned by the college and were leased to other businesses.

Bridge House

This promotional post card for the Bridge House Hotel, on the upstream side of Windsor Bridge, dates from the 1920s or so when Joseph T Halligan was the proprietor. The Bridge House Hotel should not to be confused with the House on the Bridge Restaurant downstream of Windsor Bridge and illustrated as it was in the early 1900s later in this story.

Humane Society Sports Day

Humane Society Sports Day on the river, probably around 1910

From the Bridge

A Frith's postcard from the 1930s showing the boathouses at that time, with the Jacob's steamer, Windsor Castle, coming in to the landing stage at Windsor promenade after a river trip upstream.

Swan uppers at Eton College Boathouses

Swan uppers depart from the boat houses as they are these days [July 2000]

The Downstream Boathouses
from the Windsor bank, early 1900s

Husted Boats to let

Here is a rare postcard view once again looking from the Windsor bank, but this time just below Windsor Bridge. The George Inn is visible far left, Husted's Boat House (which is now [2004] the House on the Bridge restaurant) and an advert for an antique shop to the right. This postcard was postally used in 1912 although the view may well have been taken several years earlier.

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