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Vansittart Road Recreation Ground

The RBWM Threat to Sell It Off, 1989

The Friends Action Plan

In May 1989 the Friends of the Vansittart Road Recreation Ground were involved in a fight to save the Open Space from being sold to developers by the Windsor and Maidenhead council (RBWM). The following formed part of an Action Plan featured in the Friends Newspaper. You may feel that they are useful if you, too, are involved in a similar campaign.

What to do 1
Object to the Local Plan

The Windsor & Maidenhead Borough Council Local Plan is a legal document featuring council development plans throughout the Borough. It is important to raise objections at the earliest possible opportunity, well before the Local Plan, or amendments to it, are considered by the relevant Committee.

The Local Plan should be available to view, together with forms for objection, at:

  • The Council Offices, York House, Sheet St. Windsor.
  • Planning Dept., Ashton House, York Road, Maidenhead.
  • Windsor Libraries.
  • Include the reference number of the part of the plan to which you are opposed.

Completed objections should be addressed to: Borough Planning Officer, Ashton House, York Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire. SL6 1PS before the due date.

What to do 2

Add your name to a Petition. However, councillors are notorious for ignoring petitions! Their real value is in attracting press coverage.

What to do 3
Lobby your Councillor. Did he reflect your views?

Many Councillors in Windsor & Maidenhead Borough Council may not be reflecting the views of those who elected them. If they have supported the plan to which you object, and you would expect them to oppose it whole-heartedly, you may care to write or telephone them so that they does not misrepresent you again!

What to do 4
Enlist the support of the Press

Local newspapers are valuable in promoting your cause to a wider audience which may otherwise not know what is planned. In addition, councillors do not like adverse publicity! Remember that the Press Release to local papers must be right up to date, and ideally contain a good photograph, or photo opportunity. Papers are normally short of space so be as crisp and concise as you can. Let ThamesWeb know of your campaign too. We may well be able to devote space to it. [Contact ThamesWeb]

What to do 5
Attend the relevant Committee Meetings

Ensure you attend the relevant Committee meetings and lobby your Councillor so that your views are heard.

More Information

The Friends Press Release

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