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A Pictorial Series of Windsor Views from the past and present

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Park Street and the Post Office
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Updated July 2010

 The High Street

The High Street

A tinted postcard view of Windsor High Street from the early 1900s.

The building far right is the Constitutional Club, no. 56 High Street and out of shot further right the post office, demolished in c.1972. At no. 55 was the London & County Bank which in later years became the Westminster Bank and then the National Westminster Bank (NatWest). The Union Hotel beyond the bank was demolished some years ago and the land taken over by the The Parish Church. A similar photograph taken as Queen Victoria's coffin passed by is available here. Behind the camera was the New Inn and Park Street. There is a view of this area here - Park Street.

High Street

Above is a similar view by F G O Stuart (no. 1654) of the High Street but showing more of the shops on the south side. It is just about possible in this view to see the dates on the posters, far left, for Mr Mason, Estate Agent, which either read 1904 or 1909. The card is actually postmarked January 11th 1911 and was sent to France.

Parish Church & Union Hotel

A rare tinted postcard view from across the High Street of the Parish Church and illustrating the Union Hotel, the hackney carriage drivers' shelter and the band and castle guard returning to barracks.
Probably dates from around 1905

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High Street and Parish Church

This view is from beside the Guildhall, looking east towards the point at which the earlier postcard view was taken. Circa 1914.

Guildhall and Hotel

A view closer to The Guildhall with the band and guard marching back to Victoria Barracks and the Home Counties Hotel (Trust Houses Ltd) later to be known as The Castle Hotel. Dates from 1913-14, postmarked August 1914. On the back is written '4Bn KOR (believed to be 4th Battalion, Kings Own Regiment) Machine Gun Sec, Slough Windsor. Stationed here, having a rough time of it. No time to write more, best love Neil.' The card was addressed to 'Miss Maggie Barker of King Street, Padiham, Burnley'.

Guildhall May 1930

An interesting view of The Guildhall with an old lorry and a flower seller's covered cart belonging to William Last, Florists, Chalvey Grove Nursery, Slough. The picture is precisely dated 17th May 1930.
We are grateful to for supplying this and other images to The Royal Windsor Website.

In all the earlier photographs of the High Street, pre-1946, the road surface seems to be made of stone blocks or cobbles. These are actually made of wood and were removed in 1946 and replaced by asphalt. For local residents this was a blessing as the blocks could be used as fuel during the floods of 1947 when the gas supply failed and coal was very scarce.

High Street

Another view of the High Street came to light in November 2003. This view is taken from beside the Guildhall, looking west. This a contemporary albumen print and dates from around 1895.

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