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A Pictorial Series of Windsor Views from the past and present

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Windsor Cemetery
from the early 1900s

Windsor Cemetery

At first glance the photograph above of the chapel in the grounds of Windsor Cemetery seems much the same as the chapel today, pictured below, however the current chapel features a reconstructed steeple. This suggests that the chapel in the postcard above is the one that was demolished when it fell into disrepair a number of years ago.

Windsor Cemetery 2005

The Windsor Cemetery Chapel, July 1st, 2005


Patrick Young Alexander, Pioneer Aviator, born 1867, died 7th July 1943, aged 76. Mr Alexander was a former master and benefactor of Imperial Service College when in Windsor.

PYA cu

The headstone of Patrick Young Alexander

By shere co-incidence, the author found P Y Alexander's grave stone while researching the story about Trooper William Thomas Brown who also died on 7th July but 28 years earlier in 1915. His grave is very close by to the left of Alexander's grave. (Grave AN 147)

PYA and Trooper Browns graves

Trooper Brown's grave in the foreground with the cross lying in the grass with PYA's grave just 5 plots away.

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