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Windsor Then and Now

A Pictorial Series of Windsor Views from the past and present

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The Royal Oak Hotel, Datchet Road,
Opposite Windsor Riverside Station in 'Farmyard'

Original Royal Oak

The original Royal Oak Hotel was demolished in the late1930s and replaced with the building we have currently in 2004. It was owned by Courage's Brewery. Along the road to the right is the George V Memorial which was constructed at about the same time.

The view above was taken from Farmyard (the name of the road that passes the station) and dates from 1936-7.

Farmyard by G M Henton

A similar view by the artist G M Henton and published in a book 'Windsor Water Colours' in 1922. The sign on the roof reads 'Royal Oak Railway Hotel'.


Farmyard in Carry On Cabby

The view above is taken from the 1963 film 'Carry on Cabby' looking from The Royal Oak into Farmyard. The wooden hut to the left was constructed for the film and was intended to represent a tea bar used by the cab drivers. For more about Carry on Cabby in Windsor see our article.

SR Station and Royal Oak circa 1915

An older view, complete with horse manure on the road! This photograph dates from around 1913.

\The Royal Oak in 2004

The Royal Oak Public House in May 2004
with the Round Tower of Windsor Castle beyond.

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