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Histories of Windsor

Thames Conservancy - Extract from Annual Report for 1947

Work on the river had been reduced to a minimum during the war period, apart from the most urgent of repairs and dredging, which resulted in a considerable accumulation of maintenance works estimated to cost £330,102. It was only possible to undertake a small number of the most important of these works during 1945 and 1946 owing to the shortage of labour and materials.
  A high flood occurred in March, 1947, due to melting snow followed by heavy rain. This flood was second only in volume to the great flood of 1894. The daily average natural flow at Teddington reached a peak discharge of 13,572 million gallons on the 20th March compared with the standard average for that month of 2,083 million gallons.

The Story of the 1947 Flood


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