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Concorde - The Amateur Video CD

"Simply Fantastic! What more can I say!
Breath-taking footage of the Speedbird!...
Ebay feedback

"...I think your compilation is truly memorable..." N.T.

"Thanks and farewell Concorde, you are a star!"

Selected scenes from the videos

   There are 17 landing clips from various dates and 26 take-off clips, listed below. There are also some stills of spectators on certain dates. Each clip is accompanied by a description relating to that particular day, such as the legendary Parallel Landing of 22nd October 2003.
   The objective of the CD is to act as a record of the last month or so of operation of Concorde, plus the 'fly-aways' to the respective museums such as New York, Barbados and Seattle.
These videos are amateur! There is some camera shake, [because it was cold or the cameraman was perched precariously!] Sometimes there is some loss of framing [because she was just SO low and SO loud that the camera wobbled!] and sometimes the views are not the best simply because it is not easy filming aircraft at airports! But all the clips are touched by Concorde's magic, be it her raw power or her beauty both by day and by night. The clips also capture the anticipation and excitement of a take-off or landing that seems not to be present in those sanitised, commercial videos which insist on voice overs, or music, and early cuts away from the action!
   The presentations run on any web browser, though it was designed around Internet Explorer. The videos are Quicktime compatible on both Mac and PC so if you can see the video samples on Thamesweb HERE you will be able to play these clips from the CD. If you have any difficulty, make sure your QuickTime preferences are set to select Quicktime as your Browser video viewer.
The main difference between the web videos and these on the CD are that the videos play at 640 x 480 pixels. That is the size of the image below.
  The dates of the videos are also listed below. Most are of BA001/002 to and from New York, but some are other destinations, especially in the morning of the final week where Concorde visited UK cities, or the 'fly-away' departures to Concorde's final resting places.


Actual size screen grab

640 x 480 pixels - the size of the Amateur Videos on a PC screen

The Departure Videos

18th September 2003 Time: 18.58
19th September 2003 Time: 18.53
20th September 2003 Time: 19.05
21st September 2003 Time: 18.51
23rd September 2003 Time: 19.00
28th September 2003 Time: 19.00 approx
2nd October 2003 Time: 22.11
7th October 2003 Time: 18.53
8th October 2003 - Not a video, but a photo and accompanying story about the Boston flight that was delayed and missed a take-off into a fabulous sunset!
9th October 2003 Time: 19.58
10th October 2003 Time: 22.09
12th October 2003 Time: 18.52
14th October 2003 Time: 17.51
15th October 2003 Time: 19.49
17th October 2003 Time: 19.48
20th October 2003 Time: 11.47
21st October 2003 Time: 18.51
22nd October 2003 Time: 11.34
23rd October 2003 Time: 10.35
24th October 2003 Time: 10.35
24th October 2003 Time: 14.27
31st October 2003 Time: 14.27
3rd November 2003 Time: 15.36
10th November 2003 Time: 15.37
Two versions, the second extended to include views of Concorde to south of airport.
17th November 2003 Time: 15.37
26th November 2003 Time: 11.30

The Landing Videos

20th September 2003 Time: 17.36
27th September 2003 Time: 17.46
28th September 2003 Time: 17.34
8th October 2003 Time: 17.40
11th October 2003 Time: 18.52
12th October 2003 Time: 17.45
14th October 2003 Time: 17.54
18th October 2003 Time: 17.34
19th October 2003 Time: 17.53
20th October 2003 Time: 17.34
20th October 2003 Time: 17.43
22nd October 2003 Time: 17.57 The Parallel Landing
23rd October 2003 Time: 17.48
24th October 2003  The first of the triple landings Time: 16.02
24th October 2003  The second of the triple landings Time: 16.04
24th October 2003  The final landing from New York Time: 16.06
These last three are necessarily quite short, and the JFK arrival was filmed in analogue and converted to digital which has sacrificed some quality.

26th November 2003  The final landing at Filton Time: 13.00
Perhaps this is the most significant video, Concorde's very last landing.

The Cost and How to Pay

The price of the CD is £4.95 incl. P&P in the UK.

The total cost to Europe including P&P is 6.00 Euros

The total cost to the Rest of the World including P&P is 12.00 US$

We can accept cash by registered post, or POs and cheques. You may send only UK£ as cash but please register the package. If posting payment, and so that we can acknowledge receipt of your cheque, please include your email address as well as your postal address in the letter. Please email Thamesweb for our postal address. Online bank transfer is also possible. Please email for our bank details.

The CD supports BBDG's Restoration, The Brooklands Concorde, and RWWS

The proceeds of this CD have been used to support the original restoration of the Brooklands Concorde, 'Delta Golf', and the Royal Windsor Web Site which is privately funded and which originally made available the videos on these Concorde pages.

Customer Comments

We have had some very kind feedback from time to time from those who have bought the CD so I hope the CD serves as a permanent reminder of the power and the glory of Concorde! She will be sadly missed.

"As you say, the magic is there. The departure of G-BOAD to JFK is amazing... you captured it beautifully. Ah, the noise, fantastic! God I will miss it." H B-G

"The Concorde CD is absolutely wonderful. Have only been able to watch in small doses as I find it quite emotional! Thank you so much for producing it. Best wishes." M R

"Many thanks - the CD is excellent - arrived Christmas Eve - a great present!!" C K

"I have now dipped into the CD contents. All fabulous viewing. Thanks for your efforts in making these recordings available. Whilst any Concorde video is exciting, I think your compilation is truly memorable in that it catches the mood during those last flights and gives a flavour of the bond that exists between her and her human masters. As remarked elsewhere, that is an increasingly rare occurrence, as we all tend to take things for granted these days. Your compilation celebrates that bond and ensures that it will not be forgotten." N T

"Excellent collection, well presented, tears!!! Yes. Securely packed & fast delivery. " Ebay Feedback

"Great films! I had the goose bumps all over again!" DK

"Fantastic CD!!!! Almost in tears!!!! great " Ebay Feedback

"I just wanted to let you know that the CD works great and that the content is just fantastic!" PB

"Concorde... the one thing that makes us very proud..."
ATC Controller 26th November 2003 as G-BOAF departed for Filton

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