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The Last of the Last

 In the air

In the air for the last time... ever

 Passing close by

Passing close by...

 into a patch of blue

...into her own patch of blue

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11.30am 26th November 2003 from the Pink Elephant Car Park, Heathrow North Side

Turn the volume up as loud as you can!!!

News of Concorde Amateur Video CD!

This video has been shorted and reduced in size for web purposes. The original Hi-Res, 640x480 version of this video is now available on the Amateur Video CD together with a video of the arrival at Filton and several dozen other video clips of Concorde.

For more information please see Amateur Video CD Details

Concorde G-BOAF departs Heathrow for the last time
to Filton, Bristol

On 26th November 2003, G-BOAF, the last Concorde to be built, was also the sole remaining Concorde able to fly. So on this day she flew back to her home at Filton, Bristol, the city in which she was constructed in 1978/9.

Her first flight had been on 20th April 1979 from Filton, England. British Airways took delivery on 9th June 1980. G-BOAF had been one of several Concordes that remained unsold up to that time.

As G-BOAF departed for the last time fire tenders provided a water canon arch once more as they had for the arrival of the last three commercial flights on October 24th. There was also a touching message from an American Airlines 777 as she taxied past to line up. "Concorde, you are beautiful." he said simply. There were also touching words between Concorde and Tower as she was finally cleared for take-off.

There was a mass turn out around the airport. The dual carriageway (A3044) from Staines to Colnbrook being solid with parked vehicles for several hundred yards, including the central reservation.

Although Concorde G-BOAF was the last to fly out from Heathrow, two Concordes remained on the ground, G-BOAA and G-BOAB, but neither would ever fly again. G-BOAA was partially dismantled and taken by road and sea to Edinburgh, Scotland in the spring of 2004.

G-BOAB remains at Heathrow. Originally planned to be the centrepiece of the new Terminal Five, the latest plans for the aircraft are uncertain.

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