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Concorde G-BOAD departs Heathrow
to be placed on display at the Intrepid Museum, New York

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15.37 10th November 2003 over Hatton Cross

G-BOAD departs for New York where she is now displayed at the Intrepid Air and Sea Museum, New York City.
  It was an emotional farewell and at least one young lady was overcome by the occasion as can be heard in the soundtrack.
  Although Concorde G-BOAD will eventually be housed inside in a new hall to be built on land, currently Concorde is sitting on a barge beside the Intrepid. At the time of writing she is cold and covered in snow!
  It is a tragedy that this record-breaking supersonic aircraft, with such grace and dignity as Concorde, should be reduced to being lashed to a barge, with her engines removed and sand in her forward fuel tanks. As time passes the distress of the young lady becomes more and more poignant.

This amateur video was shot using a Fuji F601Zoom Digital Camera.

Turn the volume up as loud as you can!!!

News of Concorde Amateur Video CD!

Not all the videos that we have taken are featured here mainly due to size restrictions so we are releasing a CD of all the footage taken and make them available in high resolution format.

For more information please see Amateur Video CD Details

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