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A Pictorial Series of Windsor Views from the past and present

Created April 2007
Revised September 2010

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A photographic record of
William Street and Victoria Street

Also James Street, 1974-1975

In 1974 plans had been agreed to demolish Barker's Garage and the surrounding buildings in Victoria Street, William Street and James Street to construct modern offices together with a supermarket, underground car park and a club. The supermarket was to be built on two levels above the underground car park. This photographic record was created shortly before demolition started, hence a number of the premises are boarded up. We were pleased to discover these views especially of Barker's Garage which was a typical example of a coach builders workshop of Victorian times.

In 1977, following redevelopment, the supermarket area was occupied by International Stores and in 1989 was trading under the Safeway brand.

The photographic 'tour' commences at The Criterion in Victoria Street, progresses to the Barker's Garage at the William Street junction, takes a look at the buildings in William Street, then returns to Victoria Street and James Street, a short 'no through road' on the north side of Victoria Street. Each photo has a reference number which tallies with a reference number on a map at the end of the article, showing the location of each view.

In September 2009 additional photographs were located, in colour, and these have been included adjacent to the earlier mono images. The pictures were taken on a rather dull day on 14 February 1975.


The Criterion public house on the junction with Victoria Street and Peascod Street, viewed from the original (and genuine) Cross's Corner. (Ref. no. 16, see below)

Victoria Street looking east

Victoria Street looking east towards the junction with James Street on the left. (Ref. no. 12)

Feb 1975 Victoria Street

The southern side of Victoria Street, by the junction with William Street,
14 February 1975, with major road resurfacing work.


Butler & Sons, hardware dealers, on the junction of Victoria Street, to the right, and James Street, left. (Ref. no. 01)

No. 22 Victoria Street with the small premises belonging to T F Pardoe, shoe repairers. (Ref. no. 02)

Feb 1975 Victoria Street

The northern side of Victoria Street looking towards Barker's Garage on the junction with William Street. 14 February 1975 with major road resurfacing taking place in Victoria Street


barkers 1

The well-known building at the junction of Victoria Street and William Street, the premises of H P Barker, one time Volkswagen and later, Mazda, sales and repairs.

Petrol was sold from the forecourt to the left. Barker's premises were hit by an oil bomb during WWII. (Ref. no. 03)

Barkers 2

Another view of Barker's from across Victoria Street, looking towards William Street. (Ref. no. 04)

Barkers 3

Barker's entrance in William Street. (Ref. no. 05)

William Street west side

From left to right, 37-31 William Street. (Ref. no. 06)

William St west side

27-29 William Street in 1974 recorded by Kelly's in 1971 as a veterinary surgery, Bowditch, Grime & Guthrie. Earlier it had been known as Patterson's. The veterinary surgery continues in Clewer Hill Road [2007]. (Ref. no. 07)


The Coffee House and Falcon 'Hotel', 23 William Street. The Falcon was a not particularly salubrious bar and bed and breakfast business, and hardly a 'hotel'. (Ref. no. 08)

Feb 1975 Wiliam Street

The western side of William Street with The Falcon far left, and the RAFA (Royal Air Force Association), near right, 14 February 1975

William Street to W

William Street towards the junction with Peascod Street. (Ref. no. 10)

We have now crossed to the eastern side of the road and The Congregational Church.

Congregational Church

The Congregational Church. (Ref. no. 9)

Victoria Street looking west

The junction of William Street with Victoria Street, looking west, with Barker's Garage on the corner. (Ref. no. 11)

James Street looking east and south towards Viuctoria Street

James Street looking east and south towards Victoria Street. (Ref. no. 13)

James Street

Waste land on the eastern side of James Street used as casual parking. (Ref. no. 15)

James Street

The industrial premises at the far end of James Street formerly used by farriers, House and Claydon in 1965, though closed by 1974. (Ref. no. 14)

This map features the reference number of each photograph and the point at which the picture was taken.


Colour pictures of The Congregational Church and
surrounding area during demolition in 1978

The demolition of the Congregational Church and nearby buildings in 1978.

These views were taken from the multi-storey car park in Victoria Street.

If you would like to comment on these pictures or if you have any memories do please post them here on our Discussion area for William Street.

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