Street Party in Bexley Street

2nd June 2002

Bexley Street hosted a street party on Sunday, 2 June, for residents and guests to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. The activities on the day included an educational craft morning for local children, a children's parade, inter-generational games, a live band, lunch and an exhibition of fire engines put on by the local fire department who also took the aerial photos.

Aeriel view Bexley Street party

A wonderful aerial view of Bexley Street...

Fire escapes

... and the fire escapes beneath


A communal wave!

Games 1

Games (London Bridge)

Games 2

Games (Hands, Knees and Toes)


The participants in the Children's Parade


Crafts fun!


Judging the Crowns

Bexley Arms

The Bexley Arms
Just the place for a quiet drink after the children have gone - exhausted - to bed!

Congratulations to all who helped organise the event and thanks to Julie for supplying the photographs.

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