Museum of 20th Century Memorabilia

Is Nostalgia a thing of the past? No! It is alive and well and living at Earnley, West Sussex. Here you will find an astonishing and thoroughly comprehensive collection of Rejectamenta or 'Things Thrown Away'.

Presented as a series of shop window style displays, as you walk around you will find thousands upon thousands of items that you will readily recognise, but have long since thrown away. Toys, packets of soap, sweets, comics, old kitchen equipment and tools, early electrical items, milk bottles, light fittings, clothes, decorations and objet d'art, records, a pay slip from years gone by, items from wartime, furniture, games, advertising, the list is quite endless!

In much demand from photographers, theatre groups, film and television companies for authentic props from throughout the century, a visit to Rejectamenta will prove thoroughly satisfying. As you walk round you will hear visitors saying again and again, "Oh look, I used to have one of those!" Even in the wettest of weather, you will thoroughly enjoy your visit!

Hire Service and Talks

Rejectamenta also hire out packages or single items from their comprehensive collection, put together over the last 25 years by Stella Mitchell, B.A. who is available for talks and demonstrations for clubs, societies and groups of all kinds.

Adults £4.40. OAPs/Disabled £4.00. Children £3.00

Opening Times
10.00am - 6.00pm daily from mid-March to October 31st

Follow the "Butterflies and Gardens" signs off
the A286 Chichester to Witterings road.


Earnley Gardens
133 Almodington Lane
Earnley, West Sussex
PO20 7JR

Tel: +44 (0)1243 512637 

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