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East Berks College

Background to Redevelopment
at Trinity Place and Claremont Road

More about Trinity Church here

View a Panorama of Trinity Church and East Berkshire College

March 2004 Update

October 2001

Planning permission is being sought to redevelop the area to the south of Trinity Church and Trinity Place. These are currently a car park and college buildings dating from the 1960s. The plans also include older buildings fronting onto St Leonards Road. The plans are to construct a modern, high density, college complex.

We are grateful to the Project Office at East Berks College for supplying the artist's impressions featured below.

A bird's eye view of the project

A bird's eye impression of the area following redevlopment

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The following photographs show the area as of October 2001, and the proposed new main entrance.

St Leonards Road/Trinity Place 1

St Leonards Road/Trinity Place 2

College - Main Entrance 01

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Trinity Car Park and ENC

The car park, college and Trinity Church

The development plans include the demolition of the existing college buildings, redevelopment along the western side of St Leonards Road, and on the current college car park.

College west side of St Leonards Road

The proposed redevelopment along the west side of St Leonards Road

It is thought that the remaining land, fronting Claremont Road and extending to the boundary walls of property in Alma Road, will be sold as residential development land. It is not clear at this stage how much land is destined to be sold for housing.

A variety of planning permissions will be required before the plan turns into reality.

At this stage local residents are keen to point out that the land to the north of the site is a conservation area, with some particularly attractive residential properties in both Claremont Road, Dorset Road and in Trinity Place. The avenue of horse chestnuts to the south side of Claremont Road are particularly impressive, and that in these circumstances redevelopment must be entirely complimentary to the existing character of the area. This means that residential density must be kept to a minimum and that building height be restricted, this to preserve the unique character of the existing buildings, and views of Trinity Church, which are a prime feature of the area.

More about Trinity Church here

View a Panorama of Trinity Church and East Berkshire College
Trinity Church and Chestnuts

March 2004 Update

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