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Foot and Mouth Disease 2001


The United Kingdom was officially declared free of Foot and Mouth disease on December 31st 2001 when no new cases had been reported for the required three months since the last case on September 30th 2001.

This is good news to all those planning to visit the UK either to enjoy the atmosphere of the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, or visit our great castle, or the many other historic monuments and buildings that the UK has to offer!

We hope to see you soon!

FMD Information

During the FMD problem, which affected only the farming industry in some parts of the country, tourists visiting historic towns such as Windsor (which was unaffected), had no concerns and enjoyed their visits to the full.

The outbreak of 'foot and mouth' disease in certain locations around the UK admittedly became a major disaster for some UK farms in early spring, 2001, mainly in Devon (in the south-west), Cumbria (in the north-west) and Northumberland, (in the north-east). Precautions were taken nationally to restrict, and at the earliest possible opportunity to eradicate, the disease. By the end of April 2001 these precautions had substantially reduced the number of reported cases and by the autumn the problem was almost totally resolved. No cases were reported thereafter such that in January 2002 the country was declared free of the disease.

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